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North America, with the highest GDP per capita of all continents and a population close to 500 million is an appealing, potentially lucrative expansion target for companies outside the region. The GDP of the combined economies of the USA, Canada, and Mexico is USD 22 trillion with the US accounting for over 85% of the total.

A successful North America expansion can result in growth and returns that are significantly greater than what can be achieved in companies’ domestic markets.

However, entering, surviving and prospering in North American markets is neither straightforward nor easy. In fact, most attempts fail.

Established, well-funded competitors; marketing, sales, distribution, human resource, finance and legal practices, structures and cost; multiple levels of government with its associated regulations, compliance and bureaucracy; vast distances, time zone, language and cultural differences present challenges, many of which are not readily apparent, that may impact successful implementation and result in significant delays and unwanted cost.

Connectionz acts for each client to the extent and capacity it requires. We assist businesses navigate the complexities of market entry, business development and continuing to doing business in North America.

By engaging Connectionz a client gains an immediate in-market presence and access to Connectionz’ vast knowledge and network of business contacts and service providers.

Utilizing Connectionz as your ‘ eyes, ears and feet on the ground’ in North America results in effective research, solution development and implementation without the unwanted delays and cost that inevitably occur with a “learn as we go” approach.